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Transformational Coaching Unbecoming Programme


Take action and create the life you actually want to live.

Are you constantly working and wishing you had time to create balance in your life?


Do you always prioritise everything else before your own self-care, like going to yoga?


Do you want to feel confident, decisive and grounded?

The Transformational Coaching Unbecoming Programme is your time to discover what you want.


You create an exciting plan for the future. By setting achievable goals, you make this plan into reality.


Along the way, you get support to uncover and clear what’s holding you back.

What the Transformational Coaching Unbecoming Programme includes:

The programme is highly individualised based on your needs. The package includes 8 60-minute sessions.


As a unique bonus, you get 1 ELI assessment at the start of your coaching journey. It includes a 60 mins coaching debrief of the evaluation. 


You schedule the sessions around your time, every two weeks. The sessions are held online. 


Between sessions, you get unlimited support via text and email. 


Get a personalized quote tailored to you.

Depending on how deep-rooted the inner blocks are, you might need or want more coaching or RTT sessions.


Are you ready to unbecome what keeps you
from living your perfect life?


What is Transformational/

Core Energy Coaching?

When you begin coaching, you start working on a specific goal. This could be stopping working endless hours and allowing space for pilates and yoga.


Transformational/Core Energy Coaching changes the thoughts preventing you from achieving your goal.


These include:


●       negative perspectives

●       self-defeating thoughts

●       outdated stagnant beliefs


Where do these blocks come from?


We learn this negative way of thinking from family, society, and the media. Many of these thoughts hide beneath the surface of your awareness. They can lead to unproductive choices and behaviours.


With specialised training, I help you uncover these blind spots. You'll increase your awareness and start shifting your limiting beliefs and perspectives.

What happens when you uncover your hidden blocks?

You form new and constructive beliefs that support your success at a deeper level.


By clearing these inner blocks, you feel more at ease and relaxed. You discover your deepest passions which will fuel your success.


What does the process look like?


The coaching process is highly creative. We work as equal partners, and I support you to:


●       Objectively examine your energy and unconscious thoughts.

●       Evaluate who you are and who you wish to become.

●       Understand your dreams and goals.


This deeper understanding helps you make the necessary changes in your behaviour.


You achieve far more than you ever expected and lead a fulfilling life.

Branch Shadow

Bonus Gift

What is the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment?

The ELI assessment is a research-backed behavioural evaluation.


It measures your energy level based on how you perceive and approach work and life. Attitude is subjective and based on past experiences and beliefs. So you can also change it. 


With the ELI assessment, you get new insights and increased energy. You learn about the 7 energy levels and how to direct your focus intentionally. It leads to a better stress response and helps you shape your attitude to achieve your goals.


Are you ready to unbecome what keeps you
from living your perfect life?

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