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I want to help you create the dream life
you've always wanted

I know that feeling.


The frustration when something has to change, but you have no idea what or how. I've been there.


Hi, I'm Valina.


A few years ago, I worked as an HR manager.


I loved my job and put my work first. I was ambitious and hungry for career growth. Being a perfectionist, I was detail oriented and focused on delivering excellent results. And always the last person to leave.

My self-worth was built on my achievements and praise from others.

Work defined who I was. Going from one project to the next without stopping was the norm. It made me feel accomplished. But an underlying feeling of inadequacy always pushed me to achieve more.


My self-care was secondary, and even on holidays, I found it hard to relax. I would judge myself if I had no tasks to complete.


I knew this frantic lifestyle wasn't sustainable.


The best decision of my life was to seek help from a coach.


I wanted guidance from someone who was not my friend, family, or colleague. Someone who would empathise with me, be objective and listen only to me.


Coaching helped me clarify my thoughts and connect deeply with what truly matters to me. It provided me with life skills that I needed the most later.


A powerful, intuitive inner voice kept me going during my coaching journey. I got so inspired that I qualified as a coach while working as an HR manager.


In all honesty, that busy lifestyle made me happy for a very long time.


But at what cost?

My body turned my life upside down and forced me to slow down.

What I loved doing became exhausting. I experienced burnout after burnout. But I kept pushing as that was all I knew.


A few months later, my body literally switched off. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (MS). It forced me to slow down and reevaluate my priorities, self-care, and what has meaning in my life. 


Even at my lowest point and early stages of diagnosis, I managed to face what happened as my wake-up call to change. Today I dare to call it a blessing.


After my diagnosis, I wanted to deepen my knowledge about the root cause of emotional blocks. I wanted to ease and heal physical ailments like mine. So I became a certified hypnotherapist to help both myself and my clients.

My purpose is to help you feel seen, heard and valued to build your confidence.

I have this innate desire to help you be truly fulfilled and happy.


Combining hypnotherapy with coaching allows you to dive deep into stubborn emotional blocks. Finding the root cause is essential to the healing process. It will free you from old beliefs and replace them with new transformative ones.


You will learn to trust your inner voice and love yourself unconditionally. Praise and validation will come from you. It will make you feel proud of who you are and supercharge your confidence.


I have first-hand experience with what you are going through. We are brilliant at beating ourselves up and forgetting about our own gifts. We all need someone to guide us and help us see the opportunities in life.

Let me help you feel confident and show you your inner powers today !


- BSc in Economics (NKUA)

- MA in Human Resource Management specialised in Talent Management (Middlesex University)


- Certified Professional Coach with iPEC

- Energy Leadership Master Practitioner with iPEC

- Certified Hypnotherapist with The School of Rapid Transformational Therapy®

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