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Do you want to unlearn what keeps you
from living your perfect life?

To live a life full of confidence, energy and pink sparkle?

Is something in your life not working, and you feel stuck?


You’re not alone.


Many women have been taught unhelpful habits.


●       You work a hectic 12 hours a day.

●       You've run out of time to go to yoga class.

●       You’re too exhausted to talk and listen when meeting friends.


You never stop to celebrate your achievements. Relaxing is hard. And the more you work, somehow you’re still not feeling good enough.


This lifestyle makes you feel unfulfilled and unhappy. You know there’s more to this vanilla life and you need to do something about it.

Are you ready for a change but don’t know where to start?

Change requires commitment. 

It's a choice you can make for yourself and is not always a quick fix. 

But you can unbecome what is holding you back. 

You can reconnect with yourself in a meaningful way. 

You can reignite the dazzling person you've always been.

Let me show you how.

Are you ready to stop working endless hours and spend quality time with yourself?​​

Hi, I'm Valina.

I use Transformational Coaching and Rapid Transformational Therapy to help ambitious women like you create the balanced life you’ve dreamed of.


How to work with me to find your purpose and happiness

The only thing you need is to show up.


I meet you exactly where you are today.


With some help, you’ll define what you want to experience, feel or achieve in your life.


I help you explore ways to reach inner harmony and unbecome whatever doesn’t serve you anymore.


Are you ready to commit to yourself and create the life you want?

You have 2 personalised programmes to choose from

Transformational Coaching Unbecoming Programme

We create an exciting plan for your future. You have space to figure out what you want and discover your persistent roadblocks.


With support, you take practical steps towards creating a life full of pink sparkle.

RTT & Transformational Coaching Unbecoming Programme

We dive deep into your subconscious mind and clear the stubborn inner blocks. You create a new mindset, taking action towards change.


With solid confidence, you simplify your life and have time for what's important to you.


Do you want to feel inspired again and rediscover your inner sparkle?

Imagine waking up and feeling thrilled about the day ahead.


You're buzzing with energy and excitement. You love what you do, and your motivation is sky-high. And you use your well-earned flexibility to your advantage.


Your belief in yourself is rock-solid.


At work and at home, your communication is crystal clear. You say no to things that don't work for you and effortlessly let negative things go.  

You're the only one in charge of your own life

Time management comes naturally to you, and you create balance daily. You prioritise walks in your local park to recharge. This gives you the energy to chat with friends and family, go to yoga, and volunteer at your local garden sanctuary.


No matter how busy life gets, you feel calm and in the flow. You trust your gut when making decisions, and you make them lightning fast.


Life is fun, creative and has a sense of meaning.


At the end of the day, you feel at peace and excited about the following day.

Are you ready to put the work in to create your perfect life?

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What my clients say...

‘’Valina is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. We connected immediately. What is special about her is that you can completely trust that she is fully present with you every time she coaches you. It is a joy to speak to a coach who has her degree of presence and intuition. She was able to see through the story I was telling her, by recognising and challenging my underlying blocks/fears, and was able to reconnect me with my passion. On many occasions she has been able to reconnect me to my values and focus my scattered mind to what actually matters. I have complete trust in her investment in me and my growth, and in her confidentiality. This means that I feel safe exploring the parts of myself that are difficult to explore alone under her guidance. She never fails to direct me to new insights about myself and my life, which inevitably lead to a feeling of growth and progress and joy. Thank you Valina‘’.

- Natalie, Edinburgh, Scotland


Do you want to live
a meaningful, balanced
grounded life?

Book your FREE call now and take action towards your dream life.

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